This week on The Livecast, we speak with community members ViktorBelmont, Needletail and TheBigCheekedGiant – who have contributed to the Ashes of Creation community in ways like events, podcasts, and even creating active discussions on Discord! We spoke about things like DPS Meters, Racial Traits, community updates and so much more . We’ve also gone ahead and given the community and update on, including the Wiki we are working on.


The Livecast [10/25/2017]

Transcribed By: Fooshyy


Saru: Hello


Saru: Sya, I still don’t know how to say his name and then we have our guests here who will reintroduce themselves if you guys want to.


Bel: Alright Bigcheek why don’t we start with you?


BCG: Hey everybody, I am the big cheek the giant or BCG I have several names. I run the ashes of community podcast every two weeks and that’s about it. I have a German accent and yeah there you go.


Viktor: Hey guys Victor here, im the guy who’s up all night is not from Australia despite what I was told recently.


Bel: Awesome and Needletail.


NeedleTail: Hello I guess I’m just a member of the community so i’ll be representing the community.


Bel: also glad to have you guys did you want to say hello we haven’t had you on microphone before


Syadnom: Yeah imma just get sit here silently I’m just too nervous to speak well either way hello to all of you today to you guys watching.


Bel: awesome. So this week we don’t really have too many official updates to share with you guys we usually start off with our live cast with those topics but other than just reiterating to you guys, we do have the holiday events for Halloween and we have the fan art competition and you can make as many entries as you want with these, as long as they are unique entries and yet so get out there. I know a lot of people have already submitted their entries and I’ve been getting a lot of questions, can we submit more than one? Yes you can. Right sorry if let’s turn it over to you Saru.


Saru: hey hello everyone welcome that’s my fault for the whole audio issue I did get in the audio interface so you know I had to prefix totally forgot about that so yeah we want to talk about some of the updates here: ashes of community you know the main change here is live cast some other pages that we just added on the website and some upcoming giveaways so to start with ashes of community we kind of spoke a little bit about the features adding on to our site and stuff like that on the last podcast said he didn’t listen to that and you would like the little bit of an update who we’re talking with some cool community members from ashes of creation of course creating little features like maybe an interactive map in the future or something that will really allow us to use the API if it’s available so there’s that. The live cast name change and that is just really because we want to focus on the community and change our aspect of what we want to do and goal which is for the community so we’re bringing everyone in. Just as members of ashes of creation so that’s pretty cool. As for the pages update, we did add something called community sites on our page ashes of so make sure to check it out we usually have all the content creators and some cool wiki’s fan pages and Facebook pages YouTube and to which channels that are 100% dedicated to ashes of creation so if you really want to know what’s going on or he is creating what content it’s there. Also if you want to maybe submit your own content you are more than welcome to there is an email down there that you can send your stuff and we will process that.


Bel: awesome thanks


Saru: oh and there is one more thing on our live cast page which you should be able to see on our site if you click on it we just added a button. just added it yesterday you can click on it and it will go straight to the Google doc or Google form for you to be able to request to be a guest here on the live cast that’s, so pretty much.


Bel: Yeah you guys if you want to join the show or participate and have an opinion that you want to give we welcome guests every single week so please don’t be shy if you don’t feel like talking that’s cool too if you want to submit some ideas that you would like to see us talk about please feel free to reach out to associate those ideas over and hopefully will be able to feature your ideas here on the show.  One thing I do want to go over Saru, real quick is the updates on the ashes challenge contest still keep your videos coming guys we are still looking over however going to structure prizes we had a couple ideas that we thought that it would of been good but they didn’t work out for us so we’re going to go back a little bit to the drawing board and see what we can come up with for prizes for you guys on that one for first second third basis and were also looking at the voting metrics so we can determine how the votes are going to be tallied for who’s going to win the competition. So look forward to that getting an update in the next week or two but keep posting your videos guys they’re awesome so far.


Saru: Some of those videos have been really really creative I won’t name any names out of respect for there are some really good videos.


Bel: Fooshyy still getting some love there every time I see his videos I’m laughing.


Saru: Tey and Ruby are working together is just there’s funny videos out there.  Is there anything else for these types of updates before we get into the hot and heavy topics?


Bel: Nothing on my end.

Saru: Nothing from me, so one of the biggest things that people have been talking about and it’s one of the most i guess excitable? is that even a word? People got really excited about the under realm. I know it’s been spoken a lot about in a lot of different medias and platforms but what do you guys think you can expect from the under realm and the races and what can come from that?


Viktor: Spiders  


BCG:lots of spiders


Saru: alright go on


BCG: what I hear about Under Realm because it’s open to interpretation everyone can imagine something else in the thing that comes to my mind is big wide open corridors and a lot of dwarven architecture like ruins. Also like spider caves and whatever the tulnar have has buildings so I imagine a mix of wide-open spaces and


Bel: what do you think about the building structures in the tulnar I know we had a few looks at the empyrean recently but do you have any ideas or what kind of structural contects would be in theory crafting?


BCG: Was I look at it like a logical perspective the tulnar is a mixture of different animals and aspects so they kind of like salamander like the images we saw were all like I don’t imagine anything like high-end when it comes to architecture on more like really really simple like maybe upraidd caves.


Bel: So Victor this questions for you what do you think the scale of the underworld is going to look like are we going to see something that’s like refined? maybe some caves or structures or is it going to be just as vast and expansive as the surface world maybe?


Viktor: So far Stephen really leans toward giant the TheO-Matic landscapes. We go through our different videos where he just surfing around showing the world is fast it’s open it’s detailed and everything glows. Under realm is going to be the same way we’re going to have open massive cane structures glowing dripping glowing water. You’re going to find Under Realm rivers. cave lakes this is going to be a massive area possibly a second world in my opinion it’s also going to be a place where we’re going to find lure because this is the people that were still there and we’re going to find paintings on the wall showing them leaving the surface and chronic allies in their journey were going to be finding that the hiding tidbits and give us clues and what happened before everything went to hell and as far as like building structures yeah he’s right. It’s going to be simple stuff because the corruption hunted down anything that was technological so they’re going to be more primitive basic and they’re going to be struggling to survive and compressed and to where they are fighting that corruption all the time and everything’s going to be big and beautiful

Bel: You touched base on one topic there were had a few questions that came from the community there needle tails.  What do you think the entry and exit of the underrealm Is going to be like? Are we talking about cave entrances or service bound? Maybe there are some that could be you access a dungeon underwater and others of you underwater that supposed to be developed as well what are your thoughts?


Needletail: What I would expect basically you have large areas where you can enter and everyone knows about it and then there would be secret little hidden areas that you can enter through that no one knows about like secret temples as you mentioned and stuff like that. One more thing to mention that I’m wondering about the ZY zone of influence technically if you have a note under ground right? Wow will the zone of influence react to the connection of the surface above ground will service node to be able to control the Under Realm nodes or will Under Realm be able to control surface?


Bel: Interesting.


BCG: I don’t think there is going to be a direct connection between Under Realm and aboveground nodes but I think there is might be a possibility as the entrances to the Under Realm may be influenced by the top nodes that may be a gimmick that they could go off of. For example you depending on how you zone does you either get an entrance to the under realm through a cave or underwater dungeon or something similar. Something return could work for the under realm nodes could be a possibility.


Bel: One of the things that we seen and done in other games is a little bit frustrating is when you look at the underworld and how it interacts with the surface world, there was really no parallel dynamic to it. It was almost as if they were separately instanced from each other. What do you think were going to see with the Under World in Ashes? Do you think it’s going to be interactive or let’s say you’re will have a mountain on the surface world is that going to be reflected of the under realm maybe the under realm rises up to it?


NeedleTail: One thing that I would like to mention in one of the streams they mention the many seasons than the surface they will be affecting the Under Realm as well as you have to remember about huge huge huge areas of open space because you’ll have those nodes with in it. So I would love if they could mix it into it so you can have the surface interacting with the Under Realm in the connection points and then as you mentioned like I know that dragons will be a thing in the under realm I hope there would be team dragons as well. So imagine if you could like get to a point where you can ask it with your Dragon should that open hole in the mountain.


Bel: That would be really cool


BCG:  He just brought up something that I just had a pretty cool idea you know when you can have dragons on the normal nodes what if because I saw a couple weeks ago about arc survival evolved and they have these dinosaurs or whatever that can climb up walls and stay on the ceiling, what if Under Realm node dragons are like Earth dragons? they don’t have wings but they can climb up walls, and like stay on the ceiling like bats.


Bel: So the area that they are surrounded by the caves etc maybed have warped them themselves?  maybe they fell under corruption yet something like that I was just going to ask a question back so you think needletail that under realm will be so expansive that the dragons could even have flight?


Needletail: The reason why I’m saying that is because during proxies Q&A he has confirmed that there will be huge X,Y-Axis is the height right? and there will be metropolises that allow leaders of metropolises to fly dragons within it. I’m actually sourcing it from proxies I’m not predicting it sure this is going to be the case.


Bel: Interesting


Viktor: Tt would make sense for dragons to be able for dragons to fly around down there and we may even have an event that would summon a Dragon through the mound that exploded or whatever so that’s dragons got to be living somewhere that whole time so that layer So his lair or cave whatever is more than likely in the Under Realm the interesting thing is what happens when the Under Realm starts a raid,  goes out and pokes it and that’s what triggers the event and he gets pissed off and kills everyone on the surface instead.


Bel: I like that idea it is good that would deftly add some dynamic to the overall interaction between the races I know there is not going to be a faction but come on you know the under realms are more powerful and are going to dominate all you players on the surface so when we take over and drive all the crap out of the underworld before we come out of the top world and take over your world too. What are we going to experience?


Saru: I thought we were going to go with Dwarven women with beards?


BCG: One thing that we need to keep in mind is like a foregoing office floor and everything the underworld has been more active than the normal outside world so I would assume that a lot of events that happened in the Under Realm could in theory trigger events in the normal world. So that might be a possibility that people depending on how active a node is Underground that something would happen above ground.


Bel: I would definitely hope so I hope that they are interactive and not as if there are two separate instances.


Viktor: Well so far as Stephen has really taken a lot of care on how he’s put forth his thought process and I can’t see him overlooking that and making it to where it’s like two separate games, now I don’t see the zone of influence being a 3-D sphere it’s probably going to be flat based on the map they were saying though if there is an entrance there is gotta be some level of interaction. Nothing in this world is static and independent of the other.


Bel: Any thoughts Saru?


Saru: I don’t know I mean I think I mentioned this in the past on other platforms. Personally the Under Realm looks to be, or sounds to be a really awesome idea. I just wonder and this is me just being a fan boy hoping is that they’ll have some or the specific feature but an EverQuest next they had the specific feature where it really involved your world you could dig dig around the world. So my question is I wonder if there will be able to add it to the point where I’m going to did again I’m going to crash the entire Under Realm and siege down there? So that they are so mad there’s going to be race wars let’s be honest there’s going to be religion wars there is going to be node wars and all that. It’s all intentional right, so I wonder if thou be an element that will be added.


BCG: I don’t think you’ll be able to dig and interact with the landmass but I think that it is possible for-for you to script and write an event and I don’t know if you kill something and then something tries to get away and opens a portal and you jump after it to kill it and you end up in the Under Realm. That something that could be easily done.


Saru: For sure yeah.


BCG: they’ll be awesome.


Saru: Well I think we can move on to our next topic as we have a few topics here. Bel that’s all yours.


Bel: Awesome thanks. One of the topics that were really hot topic item in discord informs this week and I know he’s watching the channel and also shot out the rabbit games list talk about DPS and healing meters this seems to be something that is six stream point of conflict in the community and we have a strong group of people that want them and we have a strong group of people that are opposed to them so guys go ahead BCG.


BCG: I want to go first here I have to be honest here I’m one of those guys that writes DPS related topics on discord some sorry for that but before we get into that I just want to clarify something, cause I feel like a lot of people that talk about DPS meters they stick to the term elitism and I think that’s wrong because elitism in certain aspects of MMORPGs are not a thing DPS meters were implemented for themepark MMORPGs where they have raid mechanics where you need to be able to optimize your DPS rotation you need to optimize your gear then it became a casual thing with time because everyone had him so yeah if you want to go raid than you need DPS meters because people got used to them and now everybody uses them and theme park raids yet a lot of people saying that they do not want DPS meters in ashes of creation but I think it’s pretty much obvious if Stephen and the rest of the guys go with theme park raids like World of Warcraft, Guild wars two, wild star whatever you name it. Whatever has raids is mostly a themepark raid you will most likely have some sort of raid data raider may be a DPS meters may be something else because if they go for themepark raids which for a lot of people is APB challenge and intake that stuff challenge seriously they want to do the best they can they need a certain amount of information to be able to improve their rotation and see what would work best for them. I feel a lot of people that say that they can improve themselves just by watching what they doing. I’m telling you that if they do themepark raids and you have 64 classes than all of them have different skill trees that’s a bunch of baloney then you never went raiding because you need to test stuff out you need to theory craft you need to see a certain amount of numbers to see what works best with that said that only goes with great theme park raids and they, with a whole new system for raiding then we might not even need that.


Bel: I respect that I’m going to be honest with you I been in a lot of guilds or the course of the years so Allah most of them were top-tier guilds focused on an game. PVE/  PVP and I’ll tell you that I have no experience with any of these meters I never had to use them I played multiple classes and I played a few games with lots of complex classes as well.  You know ours was always trial and error we then you know these are also kind of cookie-cutter dungeons when you’re talking about Lord of the rings online or God forbid I say archeage because I know everyone here loved archeage’s dungeons.


BCG: Just to put into perspective I’m only talking about progress raiding. For example in World of Warcraft, Guild wars or whatever theme park raids where you’ll have raid content coming out. Where people are racing for world first,  or server first. That’s a whole different environment than raids are dungeons in Archeage of course games like Archeage you don’t need need that but in games where you really do have to max out your DPS you need some sort of information like if you look at any themepark raid game you have guides online how to do as much DPS or as much healing needed because a lot of people did a lot of theorycrafting and trying out stuff and testing stuff and they use DPS meters.


Bel: I understand that I see where you’re going w in that direction but there’s also people that maybe I’m just crazy but people that like to go in and wing and figure out ourselves and we’ve done so like he said with*world first I can tell you that with my guild from Luncha? we had several world first and it was from just stubborn getting in there getting it done and practice we didn’t have luxuries of meters.


Viktor: When raiders first started we they didn’t have the luxury of meters that makes me feel old of saying it now that’s technically a new thing big cheeks giant was really involved in World of Warcraft. When wow first came out people forget that it didn’t have meters when it launched the first couple of raids they didn’t have meters we were manually parsing logs the meters came from we wanted a faster way to know what was going on without having to spend 30 minutes manually parsing the log after a raid the problem there were the elitism came from is DPS meters started focusing on television and look at me they went from a group mentality on how we benefit a group where we are lacking. To more than the visual statistics meter people were last three were focused on mechanics and more it was an exilic accelerometer of how hard I can match the gas and how much better doesn’t make me look compared to others and now you’re standing in the fire and my healer hates you

Viktor: I don’t care that you are number one DPS if you were the most healed target beyond the tank you still hurt me and a lot of people ended up getting this elitist attitude well I can get it up to 9000 while you can’t, so you must suck. Who cares as long as they were doing it right? Personally I used the like let’s wing it and figure it out thing now it’s well you didn’t properly optimize your rotation by .2 seconds and you could have had three more DPS. Really? did that three DPS Save your raid? did the boss with 3 billion health really die that much faster with your three DPS? No. who cares?I’m not saying I’m against any kind of parsing in the game I would love some group level parsing especially for the raid leader and personally only accessible by the raid leader and those designated it is not that everybody because then it just get some people down that oh I was number 10 on the DPS meters – yet you are back by 10 DPS total and you never got hit once. Dude You were the All-Star not the number one guy with 10 DPS more than you got triple the healing.


BCG: Let me ask you this, how do you know how much damage you took? you get that through healing meter.


Viktor: or you get that through being the healer you know to the raid later I spent all my mana on big cheeks giant, when I should of been healing saru, who’s our main tank and we wiped because I got distracted by big cheek standing in the fire.


BCG: I think, I need to defend DPS meters. I’m not saying DPS meters are a must. i’m saying that DPS meters these days and I think I’m going to be the bad guy for this one again but who cares? DPS meters in MMORPGs that have themepark raids a RAID system like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy Guild wars two. DPS meters, healing meters or aftermarket meters that raid combat logs are out of the norm these days. Arenanet for example they do not allow add-ons like World of Warcraft as because World of Warcraft add-ons are inside your game they are implemented into your game but people found a way around that and created third-party software that just reads your combat log and as far as I know there isn’t a lot to prohibit programs to read what’s happening on your screen to just read what’s happening on your screen as far as I know.


Bel: I have to defend you a little bit there BCG because if you are going to have a group that’s going to be your endgame focus,  and dps meters at such a central focus so okay use them and I have no problem with that where’s another group that doesn’t want to use an okay cool you guys can do a group and don’t have to use them. I don’t see any harm in allowing them in some regards. I know that where Steven’s coming from with this and wanting to make the game more of a community inclusive type of thing but I mean with all honesty with you I lead some raids and if I notice you suck I’m going to tell you you suck I don’t need a meter to tell you that.


Saru: So on needletail you’ve been wanting to talk.


Needletail: This topic is so on my mind. So first things first I just have to clarify something meters their pure statistics they are not the reason behind the statistics not that they see the meter and that the meter makes me mad is the personalities behind the people and I’ve raided professionally and I’ve gotten first clears. Through my experience you almost have zero hate towards each other so it’s purely based on personality but I’m afraid of and the reason I’m reacting so aggressively is because it you don’t put DPS meters and certain types of statistics recordings into the game, you’re basically killing the competitive play and let me explain. For instance before raids you have this nice little scenario where you have to make your raid up and I feel like there’s a spectrum there’s a strategic spectrum that revolves around strategy and then there’s personal one. So if I would want a perfect scenario I would know which classes I would take and yes as to which players I would take and which players would play better but if however if we are a group of friends and we want to play together and our classes don’t match then maybe mechanically will be lacking and because will be lacking mechanically we would be willing to take that risk to suffering a strategic loss and expense of playing with our friends and I feel like this is the most important part about this whole thing because eventually it comes down to it’s just a statistics to show you where you are on the spectrum of dealing damage and again certain classes for instance have on area damage over time so have a boss is mobile then that damage won’t mean anything. However in certain scenarios this class would benefit you more. So I want to say is before you are making this group you essentially a taking into consideration all those facts for instance you are a casual player, you log into the game, and you looking for a RAID and you see and then people spamming need DPS “I deal this much damage I do this much” and for me at least that’s fine my feeling is that some people have some sort of entitlement for getting into the raid. I feel like casual players and players that play too chill, should form their own parties and know where they are at in the spectrum there’s certain things about mechanics that goes about DPS checks of you don’t deal a certain amount of damage boss will heal for instance or the boss will wipe the whole party because he didn’t reach that certain percentage or level the marks omitted by the developer. My suggestion here is keep the DPS meters in the game right? Allow people to evolve and allow people to see can get better and allow people to pick people that can do better but allow for both raids that would allow you to just run through it without a DPS check out and also introduce hard raids that require those DPS checks for the hard-core players


Saru: I can agree with you on that point because, like I’m playing a game right now I’m playing in a mmo right now and I’m always with a certain group and there’s two people in it. one, they’re both my best friends one is- they both have DPS meters; now im going to go on what you said on personality, they are both completely different personalities they are both hilarious but they’re both different personalities. One uses the DPS meter for himself he wants to be better he doesn’t tell anyone and says that his DPS is better. He tells himself and how does he get better, the other person does. He says oh your shit you can even do this you can’t even do this much damage it must be your item it must be this or that so it really does depend really on personality I do agree, but I don’t think I’ve seen a lot of these arguments “why give the tool if it’s just going to you know possibly incite that?” and I don’t think that’s true. I mean the same thing for item level some people are for it, some people aren’t for it. I’ve been raiding and doing the same thing for how many years but it’s always been the same thing, item levels or damage meters, so all of us are used to it. This game in particular I’m going to be a cleric and I’m going healing personally I would like a healing meter because I really want to see how I can get better or where I can go faster or something but a lot of people don’t agree with that so I don’t know I mean should that be optional? I think that’s up to Steven.


Viktor: I got a fix for the problem because I thought about this long and hard I used to be a hard-core raider I mean like seven days a week eight hours is day and I hate myself for it. but the problem with having themepark raids and not having DPS meters is that you always have people that don’t try hard enough and you’re pretty much carrying them through the content and people get really really upset by that kind of behavior but the thing is I want to say is why was still talking about themepark raids like World of Warcraft for DPS is a really really big factor. Something that could happen we don’t know how raids are going to look in this is a real possibility that the guys from intrepid come in and just hit a homerun by giving us a completely new RAID system where DPS is not the main important thing but instead, it’s about mechanics and timing and talking about stuns interrupts and making sure your group doesn’t take any damage and stuff like that because we saw that the game has character what’s it called character blah what’s the word?conclusion? collision character collision, and so for example in those raids you have things where your entire group needs to interrupt the boss and the thing they could do what they could do is put a lot more mechanics into the raid and you can only DPS during certain phases which means


NeedleTail: This would still be the case I would still uncertain meters in the game for instance insight crowd control meters and how much do you get hit, should you die as much information as we can get as hard-core players it would be better for the community


Saru: As a tool on its own maybe it should not be accessible but it should be added to like bosses or something so hear me out so let’s say you are at SARU’S hunger that’s the only thing I can think about is the only thing we’ve seen. In the say that in the game you have to DPS really hard so the meter shows up for everybody and you have to hit a certain mark in order for everyone to progress in that sense not necessarily healing but DPS. Could also be used for stunning and more combos I don’t know maybe what you guys are saying but it’s integrating into the boss system you know what I mean? So not really using it for the entire time because it really loses focus on the environment on mechanics I know intrepid really once –


Viktor: So you’re talking about a reactionary UI that changes based on the your encounter?


Saru: right yes


Bel: Se had something like that in there we used in our dungeons particularly myself one of my main characters was a Healer – de-buffing and what it did was indicated to me and kept track of where everybody was at on the heal and also was reactive and suggestive and would give me queue on when i needed a hit on a particular skill, would that be something he could leverage?


Saru: That’ would be cool


Viktor: Honestly i think of On every boss fight is awesome yeah for sure here everybody wants meters of some kind and know what’s going on but you know you’re always seeing its boring it’s planned it’s the same thing every time but you know if we had something custom to every fight that also gives you a clue on what you should should be doing. That’s just neat and interesting.


Saru: We’re looking at the bosses that are trying to change every time right so for looking at these node bosses in the UI changes of the time and it’s not the same every time they could really make things interesting for raiding or for world boss hunting or whatever the hell.


Bel: Yeah that’s what I was getting go with that because I think with this changes in the structures and but the bosses and the weathered difference into the evolve do they boss gain levels do they gain skills based on a failed raid or something before you about those factors?


Saru: go on big cheek giant


BCG: So like these are one of the topics where I can’t sleep at night because we’re really thinking about this a lot like I join the community like since World of Warcraft wrath of the Lich King I did not have that feeling where you diee 500 times trying to kill one boss and you finally kill the boss and you just go nuts. but was still thinking about the old type of raidings where you look at the boss that has a shitton of healths points you need to get those down to kill them. What if they completely change our whole view of rating for example what I just thought about was what if instead of giving the boss a lot of health they give him so much attack points that he could almost to shut a tank but then let me finish my thought then you have to add instead of DPS skills you have to put in slows, you know? To kite the boss, yet do damage and reduction for the tanks like change the whole way we look at raids that way it becomes interesting again.


NeedleTail: I just wanted to say something real quick the whole tank thing it already exists you just want tanks right you have multiple tanks then you have class dependency on the rate itself so again I think we can all agree on we would love DPS in the game DPS meters in the game or heal meters and whatnot


Saru: in that particular sense yet we had where you apply them depends on the content I would love it what Victor was saying cool UI pop-up that changes the- let’s move on because we could go on about this for hours I think so they’ll


BCG: I can go for months.


Bel: So next topic really wanted cover here is again in the theory craft room has been coming up on the lot is a reoccurring trend in a discord discussions etc. and that’s racial traits predictions what do you guys think we will see in terms of racial characteristics buffs may be passive or active skills that can be attributed to the many races?


Needtail: Can I suggest to go race by race  


BCG: how about everybody gets a race off


Viktor: I’ll throw out more of a general opinion first because I don’t have a specific concept for each race I think I’m actually in the minority on how I would like to see how races operate. A lot of folks are really focused on what kind of racial attributes will be in it are associated and how they affect their class etc. etc. I personally don’t want to see it. I want to see everybody have total freedom of choice whenever you start introducing any kind of true that affects that really does dictate what kind of class you going to be like in D&D your stats from the start are ultra important than your racial bonuses can make it where you are effectively good at the class or outright bad and that definitely puts you in holds Eve to a certain extent. What I want to see is effects that make a race sound interesting but are beneficial to all classes but just makes that class have a slightly different flavor if you picked that race. I don’t want to see just all dwarf warriors, all elf mages, the stuff we see time and time again. I want to see some weird stuff I want to see some skinny elves that are the ultra tanks.  I want to see a super stealth dwarf or a dwarf that sophisticated mage did no one saw coming.


BCG: I have an answer to that and just thinking I got your point, not disagreeing with you I get the whole race lock thing we get them early in World of Warcraft, where everybody was playing dwarf warriors, or ORC warriors and stuff like that. It goes in hand with you know being it’s part of the world you know for example elves are not going to be the same as dwarfs and dwarfs are going to be same as orcs. so having a difference in race in and the race stats in that regard makes sense to me from a lore perspective and from a hey yeah I want to play an ORC and orc are not that smart but a ORC can hit so he has more credit and I didn’t mean for that to rhyme but I’m still fine anyways the point I want to make is because all of the races have two types that may have the possibilities for example you have two types of elves. One type is more meant for cast caster part mages the other one might before more for a melee tank – Rangers sort of type of stealth and that I think this their route they’re going so you’re going to see elf tanks and stuff like that in my opinion.


Bel: I see a lot of of elves and love going there BCG


BCG: no no no no no I retracts I’m retracting that am so retracting that I didn’t think about it I hate elves.


Saru:I wanted to hear from Sya. what he thought about racial traits


Sya: finally I get to talk now is wondering where you were – i was staying silent because like I couldn’t like really speak up with everybody probably are more experienced in mmo’s than I am because I am fairly new and as for me and stats and skills maybe effects, i think that maybe we shouldn’t involve the race directly into the skill trees or for the specific classes or archetypes, and stats of this archetypes. But maybe we – that is was mentioned that maybe we could get something like one utility skill specific to a certain class, and one of the utility skill and well specific to certain race, i can’t really come up with any specific examples-but for example while elves could have better sight than every other race so a skill called farsight would allow to zoom their view into a certain direction or something like that, i have no idea, but just separate it from the skill trees and stats so we could well not worry about these types of things


Saru: The other issue restrictions something someone said actually sounds a little more balancing they said I’m not going to it’s either sell essay Al or sell Seo I don’t know it would be nice it would be a nice change of pace to see each race have a positive and negative racial this way you would have to compensate for your flaws.


Viktor: While that’s what we have in DND and again that could make or break you for certain classes. I would have no problem with having a flaw because in D&D most of my campaigns you are required to take a tree and a flaw something that makes you more interesting and as long as that flaw is something that doesn’t cripple you from taking a class that still is a kneet and interesting thing again, I don’t want to be pigeonholed but I do like interesting.


BCG: while it’s better than gender lock.


Needletail: I think you guys are giving less giving intrepid less credit than they deserve they mentioned multiple times a day but I’ve cookie cutters around classes for me at least the way I viewed it. benefits you have the min-Maxers who will go after specific classes in order in order to become something in previous cases aren’t really fair to bring up because there is no class racial locks there is no equipment racial locks, so you essentially have the freedom and when you start a character that’s totally your own choice or if you want to go to lore or because you like to specific race or if you want to min max right because of the benefits which is why this is why a lot of people go to the races themselves.


Bel: Needle do you think that we will see it at a point where races are just a disposable menu choose a race based on cosmetics?


Needletail: I think intrepid will design a game that way that the benefits of the race will be so minimal that the only players that would affect are the hard-core mid-Maxer would go “Yeah without that plus one mana regen” I really don’t think they’ll be –


Saru:I’m laughing because that’s me


BCG: Something just came into my mind that has to do with PvE raids and they said they are aiming for 40 man raids. You have 64 different class combinations and a lot of different race variations. What if and this is a big what if. What if for example you have a dwarven tank who can tank more physical damage than Elven tanks but an Elven tank can take more magic damage? So you want to have enough people in your guild or enough variations from your guild members that you can swap out tanks.


Saru: That’s going to take 37 minutes and a half to organize


BCG: I know that’s also my love that stuff


Bel: let’s make great raids again yet make them great again we just need the raids


Saru: I don’t know if him for or against racial traits like when Bell put up the specific topic the reason why I mentioned earlier that I want to be it cleric cleric cleric summoner whatever works the best reason for that is because I really want to max out on heals that I have to go everybody’s asking me what are you going to be But I really don’t know because I don’t know what race is going to be best effective for-


Viktor: so you don’t want to admit that you were to be an elf


Saru: listen whatever happens to fall on here are on out I could be a dwarf they could be adored yet you never know


BCG: honestly if I get hurt in a raid I’d rather have a dwarf from the beach coming up like what’s up bro how you do when let me give you some heals instead of getting healed by some elf that’s just my point


Viktor: I think you guys are racist honestly yes I comes the elves I mean I’m personally race neutral I haven’t even chosen a race yet and it doesn’t even have to do with what’s can be best so I love everyone else on there towards I am the voice of peace and reason. At least until I pick something and then I’ll hate you all.


Saru: We are running out of time but that’s why Sya I guess it’s your turn,


Sya: Finally well what I got I got guild politics so that’s a topic I have no experience on all because I haven’t been a part of communities whatsoever in gaming. So I kind of want to know what you guys think because you have more experience than I have? well how will how will guild politics affect creation in the world like how much influence will guild’s have in the world of ashes?


NeedleTail: Without a question hands-down I put my life on it. Micro-communities essentially guilds will have such a huge effect on the game the casual players usually levitate around those hard-core guilds and nodes they decide to develop.


Saru: We’re going to go quickly on D’s next two because because it’s just crazy we went way too deep into the healing and DPS meters


BCG: yes sorry about that


Saru: So do you guys think about the guild politics on rating and ideology on guild leadership I think Stevens says only about one leader and how they can have a node and stuff like that?


Viktor: For me guild politics is a big deal because in World of Warcraft it wasn’t. In Star Wars galaxies enter guild politics was huge and it was a big deal and you know people factions off the server even more than the two sides based on your guild politics, you get to war craft and oh I hate this guild I hate that guild all you did was spam each other in the forms how much you hated each other you had no other recourse to do anything Steven already said that will be able to declare guild wars will be allowed to compete against each other in one of the things. I like he said when you declare war here there is going to be attributes to it so that you have a defined winter not just okay we are tired of killing each other because we can’t quest anymore or we can’t raid anymore whatever. We’re going to have a legitimate competition that lets you know that I’m better than you and with the way especially with racial hates and node hate that we all have this kind of dynamic is going to be a huge deal. Who gets into what node is going to be determined on how well you get along with the other guilds on that node. If you’re constantly at war with the altar of religious guilds you’re not going to stay in that religion note anymore you’re going to go to the military nodes so you can siege the hell out of them.


BCG: Right I’m going to try to keep this really short because this is a topic I could talk days about a lot of guilds and will fail at guild politics they will fail horribly because a lot of guilds in my experience in our gauge and a lot of other games they focus on one aspect and PVP and they want to compete but most guilds that I know or I knew in the past this video “we’re going to be the best one”- they fell apart because of internal guild politics. Guild politics in a game like ashes of creation outside how you react to the world and how you behave as a guild and how you run the guild and how you behave with other guilds I think you’re going to have a couple guilds that really showed that they know what they’re doing and you have a bunch of other guilds that will fail horribly because they don’t know what politics is all about it’s not just who has the most maximum guys who placed the most it’s about. In if it has to do with politics is a just war its relations between other guild members and other guild leaders that take so much to cover so I think only a handful will secede and guild politics and don’t have to be really good at it and most other ones are going to fail


Bel: I agree with you BCG and I’m really hoping that Intrepid does is make the guild dynamics so difficult to maintain that it really does make it more of a challenge to maintain or build a guild because we’ve all seen in you guys know I love to reference Archeage but in the last chapter of Archeage the server that i played on you couldn’t get people to join the guild said they were saying “no me and my buddy are going to go make our own guild”. Archeage made guilds too easy and they also lacked a lot of dynamics and as a result so those guilds that would’ve otherwise been able to amass people and become powerful could have done so but they did it because everyone had to have their own guild and the political structure was more of a lack of better words total disaster and you lost competition you know those that were in big guilds we had no one to fight because what are we going to do go beat up this dude’s 10 man guild oh that’s fun.


BCG: That’s bullying.


Viktor: I completely get it one of the reasons why I left wow is because in Legion everyone is now in it’s so easy to start a guild that I am starting my fire the 10 man guild so you have 1 billion five-man guilds that can’t do anything and on both servers 3000 five-man guilds that are basically worthless it’s just that people join them because there’s a 1000 men they don’t do anything and they don’t know anybody and they don’t compete against each other because there’s one other guild like that on the server and then their competition is 500 five-man guilds that can’t even raid.


Saru: I’m going to comment on this, I’m going to be sassy and not light I’m not going to Guild politics and ashes of creation from a community member perspective of course it’s interesting to see a lot of the guilds being self-proclaimed I know Bell and I we’ve seen from very scratch from when they’ve been credited that their very point it’s interesting to see how they are managing themselves how they start it with some interesting methods to the point where you know they’ve got some interesting ideologies, i’m really really curious on how they’re going to affect the outcomes of ashes into three years even alpha or beta how they are going to raid how it effectively organizing going to be. I want to see live streams, I want to see videos, I want to see montages about that for sure.


Needletail: I just want to say for the players of ashes your server decision will be very important in guild politics is there will be a server for the hard-core ones the ones that are less dominant I was just going to say before you pick a server just go into the discord two minutes just hey guys which server do you think these guys are going to go because I know personally from experience because I usually plain hard-core guilds we stomp the little guys if there if they don’t form a big alliance and they fight us with our huge numbers they will have such a bad time on the server.


Bel: You kind of shocked me there and i know we’re running out of time here, answer the questions here in the community I would’ve never saw you as a bully. I’m shocked right now.


Saru: Super shocked.


Needletail: no way you guys are closing on a bad note


Bel: I’m recruiting you going to be part of my world domination


Needletail: I’ll don’t see this as bullying it’s more of what’s the word


Saru: bullying


Needletail: dominating yes it’s a very own complex relationship


Bel: so you can call it what she wants out


Saru: we all know what it is, can we have three questions here from the community and will do it first from all three of the guests we’re Overtimetime I think I’m going to ask needletail-  “name a game feature that you hope ashes of creation implements from another game or reinvent from something?”


Needletail: From the top of my head I actually want to see local tournaments. Arenas for instance you will have like areas of that you go to fight there and then there is the national arenas and then there is the world arenas so it it’s a huge tournament PvP event.


Saru: BC giant how much our NG based on Intrepid’s side will you be okay with when it comes to crafting or when it comes to obtainable items in game?


BCG: easy. easy easy. I’m okay with RNG you want it comes to a boss on the boss can drop anything I’m fine with that as they grew a prize look at present a nice I got my favorite new sword yay im happy. When it comes to crafting I like the idea of you have to experiment to create new recipes for sure you only have awesome materials and you want to craft an awesome sword but you don’t have a recipe to craft a sword so you’re putting all the materials in a order you don’t know is going to happen that RNG to some degree. When I’m not okay with Any RNG. regarding to like Black desert online like upgrading your gear or Archeage. that’s where I just draw the line. I want to play the game I don’t want to hope for or be a sleaze slave to our RNG Jesus I’ve always hated that part.


Saru: And last question to Victor Do you think mechanics will be in place For conflicts over a territory?


Viktor: One more time please?


Saru: Do you think there will be mechanics in place for conflicts over territories?


Viktor: Between big nodes while the game itself is centered around conflicts between nodes but if they mean like say once you hit a Metro where you are maxed out and conflicts between Metros I would almost expect that they would have to be because the game is based on you can’t advance the rest of the world because we’ve hit our max number of Metro’s and they’re already in competition and I would be willing to bet no type is going to generate that conflict your religion node might have built in conflict with your science node. They are diametrically opposed. Your military node run by Bella when might declare  world war and try to dominate everything instant conflict.  Conflict is the name of this world you could rename it from Verra to conflict and it would apply perfectly because Steven wants dynamic interaction all the time he’s even put in systems in place if we tried to go gone deep pacifists that we won’t do anything together that the world will come to us and do stuff to us so we definitely see that competition happening one extra thing send pie sent by has not been ignored he asked if will be supporting his food everyone loves feeding we will support. I’m hungry



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