After a couple great events with the Ashes of Creation Community, the team in Ashes of Community started working on a brand new, even crazier event entitled the #AshesChallenge! What exactly was the event? Well, that’s rather simple. Much like many of the viral outtakes in the online world like the Cinnamon Challenge, Ice Bucket Challenge, and so on and so forth, we decided to take it one step further – bring it to the MMO world. Steven already wants toย Make MMOs Great Againโ„ข, why not take it that extra step and modernize even more, with an online challenge. Players would talk about why they’re excited about Ashes of Creation, the failures of the MMO industry and the hopes for Intrepid Studios – and challenge three other community members to do the same at the end of the video.



Well, watch the video below and find out.



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